The Bložak house

The traditional house called “cimprača”, typical of the Slovene hill country Haloze, is built from logs plastered on both sides with a thick loam layer, with a roof thatched with straw. Original parts of the Bložak house from the nearby settlement of Gruškovec were used in the construction and it was named after the last owners who used the house as a vineyard cottage (Slov. vrh).

The Bložak sty

The sty is a small, brick-roofed wooden building that includes a pigsty (Slov. štalinke), above which is a henhouse (Slov. kürjak), and a separate room for litter (Slov. parma or listjak). Original parts of the sty from the Bložak house in Slatina were used in the construction.

Shed with barn

The shed is divided into a storage room for waggons (Slov. kolarnica) and a room for threshing grain - a barn (Slov. škeden). In this wooden building of modern construction, we can find a large room with a stage and a small kitchen intended for gatherings, cultural, educational activities and other events. Opremljena sta s tradicionalnimi orodji, ki so jih uporabljali pri različnih kmečkih opravilih. 

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